11 September 2016

Haida 150 holder system for 15-30/2.8 Pentax/Tamron wide angle lenses

The picture from previous post where the first test to see the light “leakage” on the new Haida 150 filter holder dedicated for 15-30/2.8 FF lens.

I can say that even this is produced in China is roughly made out of casted & machined Zn/Al alloy body. I have used a 10 stop ND filter as well as gradual filters. There is no leakage and the holder work as expected.
However, if you consider the Tamron/Pentax 15-30/2.8 for landscape and thinking you will manage somehow to get cheap deal with filter holders, I will disappoint you. There are no many solutions on the market and the cost for them are prohibited.
All in all, if you want a wide zoom for Pentax FF, there are not much options today. Short remarks on the gear compare with APSC:
  •          On the left side of the picture is a Sigma 10-20 mm for APSC with Cokin filter system.
  •          In the middle is Pentax 15-30/2.8 with Haida 150 holder and 150mm ND filter mount.
  •          On the right side is a filter bag where I have no more than 4 filters and is about 200 x 200 mm and 70mm thickness

There is a big change in term of dimensions and weight from APSC to FF. For me this is the most frustrating point as weight is min 3 times more and I need more bags to carry for FF system. However, this is compensated by the quality of the images that new FF Pentax K1 gives.

Hope it helps for the ones in a search for 150mm holders for the 15-30/2.8 Tammy/Pentax.
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