06 February 2015

Pentax FF - long wait has gone?

2015, this is the year when I fixed a termin for my wait. Not sure if I will do something, but at least I mark up my head that I need to change something in my gears. I am shooting on Pentax gear since 20 years. Before that I used mostly Praktica (a East Germany copy of Leica).

I am happy overall with the quality, but also frustrated about some limitation of the Pentax cameras, especially on the speedlites setup and wireless HSS.

Now, Ricoh, the latest owner of the Pentax, finnaly announced the launching of the first full frame Pentax camera (if we dissregard 645z). A first mockup, or prototype will be exposed at the fair CP+ next week in Yokohama, Japan. Let's hope, pentaxians, that is turning to a true commitment and we will see by autumn (?) a Pentax full frame on the market.

Looking forward!


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