15 June 2014

Calnic Citadel

A funny story is linked with this place. I was there in the summer of 2010, when this picture actually was taken. You can read more about the citadel here.

When I want to get inside the citadel, there was nobody at the gate. I heard that the key holder was at home (close to citadel) doing some lawn stuff. Finally, he came and it worth t he wait. It is a very interesting place you need to see.

The story with this was that I forgot one of my preferred lens in the main tower. I just arrived in Alba-Iulia when I search for the lens and I remember where I can lost it. Guess what? I get back! It is 35 Km, but my lens wort it. I found it exactly where I leave it. Not too many tourists behind me :-)

I guess this is also the first image of Calnic Citadel I am publishing. Hope you like it!

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