22 May 2014

Lacul Vacaresti / Vacaresti Lake - cont. 12

I am still trying to find the best combination for lens and white balance in infrared. I am not satisfyied  so far so I start to calibrate some of my wide lenses and is better than previous focus.

As mentioned last year in my post describing the IR photography there are some major constraints to get a good IR shot (except of course the artistic part given by the subject, compo, etc) and these are:

- focusing
- white balance
- exposure especially on the red channel

Focusing in IR is one of the most frustrating thing in infrared photography, especialy if you are using current produced lenses, zooms and most predominant wide angles.

Due to this I have recalibrated my wide Sigma 10-20 to get decent focusing and is better now, but still using manual focusing. Another thing I am still searching the perfect match is the white balance that vary form light conditions, lens used, cutoff filter and finnaly taste!

Below is an image made with my Pentax K10, Sigma 10-20 at 10 mm, IR cutoff 590 nm (goldie)

                                            Fotografie in infrarosu / infrared photography
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